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CAR Platform

CAR Platform Starwagena, which is used to transport the car during the movie and TV production, has a load capacity of 2.5 tonnes. The width of the vehicle for use on the carriage must be no more than 2.85 m and a length of not more than 5.5 m. The height of the transported cars wheels the asphalt is 10 cm.

Around the mast (around the car) at the customer’s request it is possible to mount the platform width up to 80 cm in this case, the dimensions of the mast assembled will be the following:. Length of 7 m, width 3.40 m.

Flitches Starwagena equipped with electric winch has 2 -x meter aluminum rack of equipment to strengthen around the mast, including (if necessary) and a fabric cover over the car up to 2 m.