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Monocamper Costume Series Pro

Monocamper Costume Series Pro is a one-room car equipped with three play places, a zone for the placement of costumes and other attributes for the work of dressers and dressers.

The car is comfortable for simultaneous work of several make-up and costume designer. In the dressing room is a leather sofa for the rest of the shooting group, cabinets with built-in vertical rollers, which provide convenient accommodation of tools for the costume worker.

Complete set:

– bathroom (separate entrance)

– air conditioner

– 3 places for makeup

– hairdryer

– ironing board

– full mirror

– built-in cabinets, shelves

– more than 3 square meters of space for the costumes

– professional armchairs – internal power supply (220V)

– leather sofa
Bathroom fittings:

– toilet




  Toilet has a water supply of 1.2 m³, the volume provides up to 200 visits per shift. The driver is responsible for the solution of technical household matters and provides sanitary-hygienic control. Requires external power supply (32A, 220V)