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VIP-Bikamper – a two grimvagen, separate rooms. Between the rooms are equipped with a personal toilet, two wash-stand and shower. It is possible to transform the grimvagen as separate entrances for different people, and the combined entry under one person.

Bikamper designed for a comfortable and simultaneous operation of two make-up artists (as well as a make-up artist) with professional grimzerkalami equipped with warm and cold light, and professional seating. There are many convenient shelves and sockets.

VIP-Bikamper grimmestami equipped with TV, CD-player, coffee maker, kettle, microwave, heater, air conditioning, built-in furniture, a large sofa, coffee table, cupboard and hangers for suits, internal mains.

Bikamper built on a self-propelled platform warmed by placing in the 25 + 13 + 25 m3.

It requires external power supply (32A, 220V).

rooms plan for simultaneous operation of two make-up artists