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Camera/Dolly Trucks

Camera/Dolly Trucks rental in Ukraine

STARWAGEN provides the most versatile line of camera/dolly trucks rental for film production and television industry, advertising projects, film festivals, as well as for show business, concerts, sports and social events.

Camera/Dolly Trucks rental for film and TV production industries

The current STARWAGEN fleet includes camera/dolly van that are built on the basis of Mercedes Sprinter vans. Equipped with hydraulic side and door, which makes loading/unloading of shooting equipment easier and faster.

Rent of Camera/Dolly Trucks for filming TV, Cinema, Music videos, Advertising projects

Our professional equipped transport and high-quality personnel work at all sets accessible for Truck and Vans transportation. STARWAGEN available 24/7 to help guide you through the rental process. Our managers will take all your demands and wishes into account and help you choose the right vehicle for your movie production!