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4 station MakeUp Wagen Pro #196

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4 Station MakeUp Wagen is based on MAN Truck.

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4 Station MakeUp Wagen Pro is based on MAN Truck.

There are 4 makeup places: 2 professional reclining back armchairs for long-term and hard make-up and 2 standard chairs. MakeUp Wagen is equipped with a sink for head wash, fitted wardrobes, shelves and a mini-fridge.

4 Station MakeUp Wagen is designed for the comfortable and simultaneous work of several makeup professionals. It enables to prepare a large group of actors for crowd scenes in a short time.

Needs external power (32А, 220V).

  • 4 professional makeup places with mirrors and (warm and cold light) and chairs
  • 2 professional reclining back chairs
  • sink for head wash
  • hot and cold water
  • fitted wardrobes and shelves
  • mini-fridge
  • air-conditioner
  • convector heaters
  • interior electrical network
  • Overall sizes, LxHxW

    980 x 365 x 310 cm


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