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Synchro Power Supply

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Synchro Power Supply (120 Kw) ensures the uninterrupted supply from two different sources.

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Synchro Power Supply (120 Kw) ensures the uninterrupted supply from two different sources (a main line and power generator) by automatically switching power to the working line.

Synchro Power Supply allows to synchronize two independent power sources, one of them will always be a power generator.

It is possible to operate the device in two versions: parallel operation of a  power generator with a city power grid or parallel operation of two independent  power generators.

The advantages of such a device are that in the event of a power failure of one of the sources, the consumers connected to the device do not disconnect, at that moment there will be no increase or decrease output voltage, or its loss at the output of the device. 

Voltage, frequency and phase angles will always remain stable.             

The device works on the principle of connecting two electrical sources with each other, combining their voltage, frequency and phase angles and combining them into one common source gives it to consumers.

Scope of application:

  • electrical power systems
  • power distribution
  • open concerts and sporting events
  • open broadcasting
  • theaters
  • mobile generators
  • industrial transport
  • backup power systems


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