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Sky Lift (22 m) #91

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Sky Lift is built on the basis of Mercedes Atego Truck. Working height is 22 m.

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Sky Lift (Cherry Picker) is built on the basis of Mercedes Atego Truck. Sky Lift enables safe and comfortable working conditions for personnel at height. Sky Lift is specially equipped to meet the requirements of cinema and TV production.

Sky Lift has technical specifications of a load carrier vehicle with hydraulic lifter installed on the platform to lift people and equipment.

The platform (basket) is adjusted for professional fastening of devices and cameras with Grip systems, permanently installed in the basket. Mobility of the basket has 10 degrees of freedom, and hydraulic drive enables accuracy and smoothness of motions.

Sky Lift is widely used for other purposes, particularly, for repair, installation, advertisement, cleaning and other works at height.

  • Overall sizes, LxHxW

    783 x 357 x 283 cm

  • Platform size

    95 х 145 х 130 см

  • Working Height

    22 m

  • Lifting capacity of platform

    300 kg


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